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The current state of the jungle book is an interesting one with numerous selections being viable. The array of champions available that can be played is wide which makes the current a very exciting meta-game series. For instance, the popularity of marksman junglers is significantly high which is evidenced by the common picks of Kindred currently significantly popular in the current Meta (season 6).

This season (season 6) in the League of Legends has been a significantly wild journey encompassed especially with the new dragons, continued supremacy of Kindred as a significant jungler force and a mid-season mage revamp. But here is the best thing, for you looking to dive into the jungle but is wary of which champion to begin with, below is a list of the 5 best junglers in the league who have been impeccable this year.

1. Kindred

Kindred, a marksman jungler noted for its high-skill cap although he is constantly getting nerfs, has been a dominant force as one of the best junglers boasting the best ganks. By the late game, wolf and lamb transform into a reckoned killing machine by centering on killing monsters who directed them to collecting the Mark of the Kindred damage buff. Combined with their slow damage capacity plus an ultimate which keeps them resurgent particularly when under attack, you can boast of a redoubtable counter Jungler in the wild.

2. Hecarim

Hecarim is a beast-force to reckon with in all segments of the game mainly because of the damage boosts, lot of movement speed, self-sustain and knock up abilities. He is a characterized by an impeccable win rate which is higher than average and a good clear rate in the jungle which explains his popularity.

3. Kha’zix

The popularity of Kha’zix can be said to emanate from the fact that he his reputable highly mobile assassin whose role should center on damage and not simple tankiness. Keeping that in mind, keep tabs with of position squishies, but be on high alert for tower diving fleeing enemies.

4. Amumu

Amumu may particularly appeal to individuals learning his role as a tanky, ultimate beast that can instigate fights. Amumu still remains an indomitable force in the jungle. Coupled with his capacity to control crowds, Amumu then becomes a solid kit that is practically a ��most wanted, section. Point of caution however, save his AOE for your teammates who are reliant on them for both experience and gold as opposed to using them to clear minion waves.

5. Volibear Itemization and a recent nerf have given Volibear a mixed characteristic of good and bad days although itemization has made him more efficient. Nonetheless, his capacity is designed for ganking combined with both his over-head flip and speed boosts which are impeccable openers to his opponents all which can be followed by a AOE slow. Moreover, he has a bite that can significantly damage his opponent particularly when they have less remaining health.

With this information of who is the reckoning force in the jungle in Season 6, sticking to essentials and improving capacity for base game-play, you can now confidently approach the League of Legends worry free.

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